Shelley’s reading is exactly what I needed at a moment of transition in my life. She tuned into my energy and brought back insights that felt true, cutting through the confusion I’ve been experiencing recently. Her reading affirmed my gut instinct on several things and helped me find perspective and peace in my situation. I’m so glad I reached out to her. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for more clarity and understanding of their present circumstances.

—Mejin L., Singer/Songwriter, Web Developer, Los Angeles CA

After leaving my session with Shelley, and now days later, I have a certain kind of inner clarity and knowing that is helping me feel more assured, relaxed, and hopeful as I go about my busy life than I have in a very, very long while. Time with her has helped me have faith that I'm on the right track. And Shelley's sensitive, kind, playful, and super-grounded approach only helped but add to my experience. I'm so lucky to have found her as a support in my life and will definitely be working with her again.”

—Noa Hamiel, Somatic Psychotherapist, Oakland CA

Shelley has such a natural ability to connect in ways that I find incredibly touching and genuine.  I felt very comfortable and at ease.   Her clear visualizations shed light on what can sometimes be a dark and elusive path to self awareness.   Her approach made a lasting impression.  One of the best readings I have ever experienced.  Powerful, insightful and magical.

—Marina Garza, Musician, Oakland CA

Shelley has a special gift for readings. She read my energy for a few minutes, wrote some observations down, and proceeded to tell me so much about my life’s past, present, and future. It was quite remarkable and rather than being reminiscent of the super-natural, felt like a gifted individual tapping into their understanding of empathy and energy to tell me the real things I needed to hear

—Isaac Schwartz, Musician, Oakland CA

Shelley was extremely attentive, warm, and made me feel at ease during my entire reading. I can confidently say I walked away from the reading more enlightened about myself and what I needed to do to be happier in life

—AG, Project Coordinator, Oakland CA

I came to Shelley feeling very stuck as an artist. Through intuitive mentorship, she helped me go through the process of discovering myself through my art-making and she had a ton of empathy and respect for my process. When I first came to her I wasn't making much art. Occasionally, I would force myself to but felt a huge resistance and often failed to produce anything. I felt very defeated and hopeless and wondered why I had the desire at all. Today I make art every day and I am learning about how to deal with resistance. Shelley has been my artistic mentor and a guide in facing my desire to make art in my life. I can now feel connected to my artistic self as I experiment and grow. This is nothing short of pivotal and my future looks very creative and rewarding thanks to Shelley.

– Nicole Roberts, Designer, Buenos Aires, Argentina