My intuitive readings are a combination of myself connecting with the client's energy and with spirit (most often my spirit guides) in order to help the client to gain deeper understanding and clarity into life circumstances and into any questions they might have, to help them to connect with him/her/themself and their own answers, and to discover what might be supportive on their path. Though predictions sometimes arise in readings, they are not my real focus.  My main focus is to connect with the energy of the client in order to help them shed light on anything that needs to be uncovered--to get to the real core of what is happening for them under the surface. Things can then be seen and understood--which provides a great stepping off point for healing, gaining a deeper understanding of one's experience, and feeling validated in what one already knows. I also feel into specifically what might help folks in this process. The purpose of this work is to help to shine a light on what is happening so that my clients are further empowered to do whatever they feel is best for themselves. For me, this is truly about helping people to connect with themselves in a profound way so that they may facilitate their own healing, experience necessary and real validation, or anything else that may be needed for their wellbeing.
My readings incorporate three elements; a reflection of the client's energy, clear communication of information I'm receiving, and holding compassionate space for the client to take it all in. An essential piece of this work is to provide the most quality combination of concise information and compassionate space for each unique individual so that they are best able to deeply understand both what is happening for them and reflect on any needs they may have related to what is happening for them. They can then take the reins on what truly feels right for them in their lives.
I am currently offering all readings remotely
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A reflection of your energy/the energy of any given situation

I am able to cut through to the real core of what’s happening energetically in order to shed light and help folks to discover insights and deep clarity around what is happening for them and what might be helpful for them in whatever experience they may be having.
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Clear Communication

When relaying the information I’m getting with the person I’m reading, I go a step further—feeling into exactly the most optimum way to communicate this info so that the individual is able to get the absolute most out of it. This is where my years of teaching experience comes into play (my background also includes several years of being a professional teaching artist--working with kids, adults, and folks who experience developmental disabilities). This work is absolutely individualized—uniquely catered to each individual client's needs. I meet folks where they are. Throughout the reading I check in about how it is going for the individual.
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Compassionate space

I provide compassionate space for the individual receiving this information—no judgement, no assumptions. Holding deep compassion is a natural part of my readings and an imperative facet of this work.

My Clients

Examples of what folks might be seeking when they reach out to me include (but are definitely not limited to)...

-Deeper connection to or understanding of what is happening for them under the surface

-More clarity, understanding, or validation about the direction they may be heading 

-Clarity around navigating circumstances in relationships

-Understanding their experience as a sensitive person or empath

-Deeper understanding of their experience of grief

I notice that many of the folks who tend to resonate with my work often have interests that include things like...
-Openness to what might unfold in their reading and/or our work together
-Noticing what feels right to them/ inquiring into and discovering their own answers
-Their own healing process
-Connecting with their own intuition

Pricing and Details

One Hour Readings
Most of the readings I do are one hour readings. Hour long readings are more thorough and tend to offer the time and space to help the client get the most out of the experience, especially for first time clients. My fee for the hour is $180.
Intuitive Reading Packages
I offer a reduced fee when you buy 3 or 5 readings at once. These readings can be used in any way you choose. You can use them all for you or as gifts or a little of both.
Package of 3 one hour readings: $435 (@ $145 each) 
Package of 5 one hour readings: $600 (@ $120 each) 
Half Hour Readings
The fee for half hour readings is $95.
Disclaimer: Shelley Champlin is not a medical or mental health professional. Always consult a medical or mental health professional when necessary.
I am currently offering all readings remotely